Quantum Computation of Quantum Chemistry

Study Session on Quantum Computation of Quantum Chemistry ( Chinese version)

Lecture 2 Building Blocks of Quantum Computing and Quantum Fourier Transform


Some key results in quantum computing

1.1 Quantum Fourier Transform
1.2 The Fourier Basis
1.3 Position and Momentum
1.4 Translations
1.5 Circuits for the Fourier Transform
1.6 Periodic states
1.7 Period finding
1.8 Greatest Common Divisor

Quantum Fourier transform

1.1 Phase estimation
1.2 Not Global Phase
1.3 Expectation Value
1.4 Exact Estimation
1.5 Error Bounds
1.6 Costs and assumptions
1.7 Period-finding: Take 2
1.8 The shift operator
1.9 The continued fraction algorithm