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We are a theoretical physical chemistry group that studies quantum dynamical phenomena in molecular systems relevant to advanced materials and energy applications. We aim to develop new theoretical tools as well as molecular modeling techniques to investigate the dynamics of light harvesting, photon-induced chemical dynamics, ultrafast nonlinear spectroscopy, and properties of optoelectronic nano-materials. Find out more using the navigation links!

Recent News:

  • Wei-Chih Chen and Yen-Chin Huang have received PhD. Congratulations!
  • Petra Shih and Teresa Hsieh have received Master’s degree. Congratulations!
  • The 1st Taiwan-Thailand-Vietnam Workshop on Theoretical and Computational Chemistry(website) is organized at IAMS, Taipei on March 22 and 23. Our group serves as local organizing committee and is going to give orals. We sincerely invite you to attend!
  • Yu-Jen Wang (王佑仁) received a Master’s degree. Congratulations!

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